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The New Kids Online Curriculum

Welcome to Kids Online Lessons curriculum designed for children of ages 2 to 8.

Our program consists of a variety of interactive lessons and educational activities that allow kids to learn and play at the same time.

Math, Science and Reading

learning alphabet

Our program, unlike many others, does not look overwhelming for both parents and kids. It is designed with simplicity in mind.

Kids can repeat the lessons as many times as they want.

Educational Memory Games

puzzle games for kids

Amazing educational memory games that cultivate the child’s ability to remember things. The learning and fun never ends with these amazing yet simple memory games. Discover how amazing your child ‘s memory is.

Educational Puzzles

educational puzzles for kids

Educational puzzles that help develop your child ‘s brain and intellectual growth.

Kids Online Lessons understands that your child has an innate ability to solve challenges. We have designed puzzles and other educational games that will engage your little one.

Music Lessons

kids learning online lessons

Piano lessons for children all ages. At Kids Online Lessons we understand that learning does not stop at Math, Science or Reading. We also have arts  and music.

With this program, your child will be able to play the piano in a matter of weeks.

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Get your child playing and learning today!

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"Joining Kids Online Lessons was a no-brainer for me. My 4-year-old twins love it." LS

"No ads, no gimmicks. What more can I ask for. It is a safe place for my child." MM

Prioritizing Children’s Online and Offline Education

kid learning onlineYour child will thrive in the relaxed learning online environment that we provide at – a fun and relaxed learning environment. It’s designed to be easy and intuitive for parents and kids.
Kids Online LESSONS brings children’s lessons to life.
Watch your child grow intellectually and get curiously involved in learning at our website and beyond.
kids learning onlineWe made the platform very simple to use, for both parents and children.
Unlike other kids curricula – ours is designed not to overwhelm you and your child, but to deliver a natural learning experience.

Kids Online Lessons | Products and Services


Kids Reading and Writing Online Lessons offers reading and writing lessons for kids 2 – 12. Reading and writing skills are an essential foundation in a child’s life. At we have designed lessons that make reading and writing fun and engaging. Your child will enjoy.
kids counting online lessonsOnline Math Lessons for Kids
The monthly subscription at includes various Math lessons for kids. The Math lessons are intuitive and easy to navigate.

Educational Games for Kids

Our games combine fun and learning. Watch your child enjoy the online games whilst learning important skills like shape, color, number identification and more.